While much research has been carried out on the short-term impact of sport injuries, relatively little is known about the long-term effect a career in sport can have on health. The Head in the Game Project is focussing on these long-term health implications. The aim is to  improve the long-term health of former as well as current sportspeople, for example by recommending appropriate preventive measures.

As part of the international study, medneo is supporting a team of experts consisting of radiologists, neurologists, psychologists and sports physicians. An important component of the research project are MRI scans examining structural and functional changes in the knee joints  of female former  football players  and elite athletes. For this purpose, female former top athletes will be examined at the medneo diagnostics centres in Berlin, Potsdam and Frankfurt am Main. As part of the study, medneo is providing high-resolution MRI images for high-quality imaging diagnostics. They are intended to provide information on possible long-term damage sustained in professional sport.

The “Head in the Game” project is being led by the Medical School Hamburg and is being supported financially by FIFA. Numerous renowned research institutes are involved in this international project. One of the study’s ambassadors is Birgit Prinz, who is Germany’s most capped national team player and has been named FIFA player of the year three times.

We are very excited to be participating in this pioneering research project and are already looking forward to the findings!

Background information on the structure of the study, the cooperation partners and the “Head in the Game” project can be found under the following link: www.hitg.study/de

One further note: More former elite athletes are still needed for the study. You can apply to take part here: http://hitg.study/de/elite-athletes/