Your medneo diagnostic centre in Potsdam

The medneo diagnostic centre in Potsdam is located on the grounds of the Ernst von Bergmann Clinic. It is easy to get to with bus and tram stops nearby and has long opening hours, so our friendly staff are always there to welcome you. You will find high-tech MRI and CT machines at the medneo diagnostic centre in Potsdam. The MRI machine has a particularly wide opening. The friendly and modern atmosphere in the centre also ensures a pleasant stay. 

medneo is not a radiology practice - it is a service provider for doctors, medical centres and hospitals (medical service providers). The treatment contract is exclusively between you and the medical service provider with whom you made an appointment for your MRI or CT exam at medneo. 

In order to provide patients with a better service and the highest quality, medneo has redefined imaging diagnostics and carries out the imaging for your exam on behalf of the medical service provider. During your time with us, medneo also takes care of all the administrative, procedural and technical aspects of your exam. This modern distribution of work allows your physician to concentrate completely on the medical side. 

medneo and its cooperating partners look forward to your visit!

Feel good!

Please bring to the exam:

  • Health insurance card and letter of referral
  • previous findings
  • previous images
  • surgery reports
  • implant certificates
  • laboratory values if your exam requires a contrast agent (for MRI exam: creatinine; for CT exam: creatinine and TSH)

Also bring the following to the exam for (small) children:

  • The child’s favourite cuddly toy
  • blanket
  • CD and drink