Andrew Spellman, Head of medneo UK

Andy is firstly a clinician, having worked in both the NHS and independent sector, starting out as a radiographer in the early days of mobile MRI imaging more than 30 years ago. More recently, his roles have included board and senior management positions with a range of imaging providers based in the UK.

“We at medneo are committed to delivering the highest standards of care for our patients by working in partnership with our customers. Our aim is to make medneo the leading provider of MRI services by managing our colleagues, our suppliers and our customers with integrity, efficiency and transparency. “

Amanda Blake, Head of medneo UK Operations

Amanda also started her career as a clinical radiographer and is now a senior manager with a breadth of experience in diagnostic imaging. She has a detailed understanding of the requirements of both the NHS and the independent sector. In addition, she has significant experience with the Care Quality Commission and imaging service improvement strategies. Her experience has included roles such as Head of Diagnostic Services, Head of Tenders, Bids and Mobilisation, Head of Service Development and Head of Governance and Education.

“medneo recruits, trains and develops the highest calibre staff to ensure the best service possible for our patients. We have a clear focus on governance, safety and excellent service delivery. We are committed to continually striving to improve all aspects of the clinical and operational service to enable us to achieve the best results for our customers.”

Dr Andrew Dun, Medical Director, medneo UK

Andy is a GMC-registered doctor with a wide range of management experience. He has also held a number of roles as Group Medical Director in diagnostic imaging companies and started his career as a GP in Wiltshire while also holding additional roles including National GP lead for Stroke services and Public Health Associate for Wiltshire Health Authority.
“The quality of our clinical and operational policies ensures that patient safety and well-being are the first priority in everything we do.  We have developed clear quality measures including high specification scanners, fully integrated care pathways, rigorous clinical audit and staff training to deliver MRI services of the highest quality. Furthermore, we have a management team with a heavy bias towards clinical professionals so that medneo is clinically led and focused on delivering a first class patient experience.”

Martine Everett, Head of London Centre

Martine is a radiographer who has a combination of extensive clinical MRI experience in addition to an MSc in MRI. She has worked in progressively more senior roles since 2010 for leading healthcare companies, including roles such as MRI lead and Radiology Manager.

“medneo uses state of the art equipment and facilities in combination with a team of highly experienced and dedicated staff to generate the highest quality imaging and patient-centred care. We strive to invest in staff training and development to enable us to collaboratively improve our services to ensure we deliver the best service to our patients and customers.”