Your medneo MRI diagnostics centre in Frankfurt

Like all medneo diagnostic centres, our Frankfurt site is equipped with the most advanced MRI equipment on the market. With the magnetic resonance imaging systems we use, we ensure that the highest-quality images are available at all times to the cooperating physicians at medneo.

The medneo diagnostic centre in Frankfurt is located at number 23, Bockenheimer Landstraße, very close to the Alte Oper. The location of and transport connections to our centre make it easy for you as a patient to reach and depart our centre. Public transport connections (S-Bahn and U-Bahn) are on average less than two minutes away by foot. A total of around ten S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines are in service from the Alte Oper and Frankfurt Taunusanlage stations. For those arriving by car, there is the parking garage at the Alte Oper, which is available for a fee. 

Currently, the cooperating radiologists from medneo in Frankfurt offer appointments only for the privately insured, patients who are members of employer’s liability insurance associations, and self-payers.

We ensure a pleasant atmosphere during your stay: our friendly service staff, long opening hours and the modern design of the centre will make your stay as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to constantly improve these special medneo services. Do you have any suggestions or wishes? Then please contact our service staff at the centre. We are looking forward to your visit!

We would like to point out one important matter: medneo itself is not a radiology practice. Rather, it is a service provider for doctors, medical centres and hospitals (medical service providers). The treatment contract is exclusively between you and the medical service provider with which you made an appointment for your check-up. On behalf of your doctor, medneo takes care of all administrative, procedural and technical aspects during your MRI exam, allowing your examining physician to fully concentrate on you and your medical issues. This is a new kind of service solution – one which is already being offered by medneo in nine cities across Germany.

Feel good!

Please bring to the MRI exam:

  • Health insurance card and letter of referral
  • previous findings
  • previous images
  • surgery reports
  • implant certificates
  • laboratory values (creatinine) if your MRI requires the use of a contrast agent

Please also bring the following to a child’s MRI exam:

  • The child’s favourite cuddly toy
  • blanket
  • CD and drink