Your medneo diagnostic centre for MRI in Dusseldorf

The medneo diagnostic centre in Dusseldorf is located at the heart of the main quarter of the city centre, directly on Berliner Allee. MRI examinations are carried out here using a powerful 3-tesla MRI scanner. This device is one of the best on the market, generating high-resolution, very detailed images of your MRI examination in the shortest possible time. This is the foundation for your radiologist to give their best possible diagnosis.

We offer appointments at short notice and longer than average opening hours as a matter of course at medneo. Please contact us on our appointment hotline to make an appointment for an MRI examination at medneo in Düsseldorf. Its central location means that the medneo diagnostic centre in Dusseldorf has excellent transport connections. There are bus and tram stops less than five minutes walk from the city centre. If you are coming by car, the Moll Group car park and the Crown car park are both close by.

To begin with, our service is only offered to private patients and those who will be paying the fees themselves. We are working on being able to also offer this service to state-insured persons at this location as quickly as possible.

Please note: medneo is not a radiology practice – it is a service provider for medical practitioners such as doctors and hospitals. So if you arrange an MRI examination in Dusseldorf at one of our partner practices, the treatment contract is agreed exclusively between you and the respective medical service provider. medneo then takes care of all non-medical activities during your MRI examination. This includes, for example, administration and the whole technical infrastructure. This allows your doctor to concentrate fully on you, your examination and the findings. We call this new way of providing radiology “Radiology as a Service”, which is now available for your next MRI in Dusseldorf. We look forward to seeing you at the medneo diagnostic centre in Dusseldorf.

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Please bring to the MRI exam:

  • Health insurance card and letter of referral
  • previous findings
  • previous images
  • surgery reports
  • implant certificates
  • laboratory values (creatinine) if your MRI requires the use of a contrast agent

Please also bring the following to a child’s MRI exam:

  • The child’s favourite cuddly toy
  • blanket
  • CD and drink

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