For the patient, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) means an examination without any exposure to radiation and without surgical intervention. Up to now, there have been no side effects for people associated with this method. What’s more, the examination can be performed on an outpatient basis, making a hospital stay unnecessary. As a result, MRI has always been the go-to method for the diagnosis of heart and vascular diseases in the medical field. For a long time, however, the beating heart, flowing blood and respiration have been considered obstacles to carrying out an MRI of the heart (heart MRI) and the blood vessels (MR angiography). This is now possible, and specialised medical cooperation partners offer this examination on the medneo diagnostic platforms. The special advantage of this method is that during a heart examination using high spatial resolution, the morphology can be represented more exactly and, at the same time, statements can be made regarding its function and the flow of blood. Physicians specialising in heart MRIs can examine whether a catheter or an enlargement of the coronary vessels is required due to insufficient heart muscle circulation, whether a faulty or constricted heart valve needs to be operated on, or if bypass vessels are still open years after the operation, for example. Heart MRI can also be used to diagnose an enlargement of the heart or an insufficient heart pumping function. This method is well suited for analysing any structural changes to the heart muscle. The mildest of heart attacks (known as micro heart attacks) can also be detected in this way. Moreover, it is possible to detect silent heart attacks even years later in patients with diabetes. Prior to an operation, heart surgeons also need to know the location of dead and live heart muscle tissues in order to determine where a bypass will deliver the most advantages. Even patients with heart muscle inflammation can benefit from the examination. Of course, heart tumours and many congenital heart diseases can also be analysed with a high degree of accuracy.

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