Radiologists specialising in MRIs for children are rare and not easy to find in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. A new cooperation with the innovative MRI diagnostics provider, medneo, was started in May 2013 and extended once again in 2015. The cooperation makes it possible for persons up to the age of 15 who are insured with AOK Nordost to benefit from the medneo children’s radiology expert network – without any extra cost to the insured persons. With a referral from a general practitioner or a specialist, persons insured by AOK Nordost will be given an appointment with a cooperating radiologist for an examination in the high-end diagnostic centre at Reinhardtstr. 23-27 in Berlin Mitte within one week. Its central location at Berlin Friedrichstr. regional railway station with excellent transport links makes the Berlin centre easily accessible to insured persons even from other federal states. The images recorded are sent through a country-wide teleradiology network to designated children’s radiologists specialising in MRI diagnostics for a second opinion. An anaesthesiology team specialised in children is additionally available for outpatient MRI examinations under anaesthetic so that an inpatient stay is no longer necessary to carry out diagnostics. In addition to short waiting times, the health insurance company naturally also wants to provide the highest quality image acquisition for their insured persons by means of integration into the teleradiology expert network. For this reason, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging equipment is used by medneo.

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