In medneo's IT department, new technologies are being explored and tested so as to be able to analyse and use our data stream even better in the future. The medneo IT department is used to test innovative ideas until a certain level of maturity is reached so as to then introduce them in the company.

There are many exciting tasks in an incredibly large niche, namely radiology.
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You will find a short overview of our tasks on this page.

Identification and exploration of relevant technologies

New projects are appearing on the IT radar on a daily basis, which could be relevant for one or another of medneo’s central topics. The medneo's IT department combines in-depth specialist knowledge in many areas and tests these technologies in a chaotic process.


  • Blockchain in the patient surroundings
  • Data block encryption
  • Process optimisation by means of machine learning
  • Network

HPFS file systems

  • Networking of hardware and software
  • P2P technologies for distributed locations
  • Remote control of medical products
  • Social machines

Image processing

  • Deep learning
  • Optimisation of processing routines by means of combined hardware/software pipelines

Software development

  • Agile visualisation of software architecture
  • Different rapid prototyping methods


  • Academic cooperation
  • Strategic cooperation
  • Research projects

Establishing collaborations

Whenever Technology Labs identifies partners (from start-up to corporate), we strive for collaborations. We do not have to reinvent the wheel every week and look forward to cooperation opportunities. We have the best experience of efficiently linking bright minds across company boundaries or disciplines. 

Development of technologies

After identifying the above-mentioned technologies and/or establishing partnerships, we adapt our established data workflows. Since speed and in-depth specialist knowledge are significant factors here, medneo's IT department breaks with all traditional development conventions and creates a space in which the seemingly craziest ideas can be realised within the shortest time.

Who are you?

Nerd, tinkerer, hard-core developer or visionary?

Are you attentive, are details important to you and do you not fit into one of the ‘classic IT roles’? Are you profound? Do you have experience in one of the above-mentioned areas? Do you live by the motto that actions speak louder than words? Do you enjoy making your own ideas a reality?

If one or more qualities apply to you, then send us your LinkedIn profile or CV and tell us in 3 sentences about what moves you and what you would like to do.