medneo GmbH is a young and innovative company with headquarters in Berlin that specialises in Radiology as a Service – a new operation model for radiology – for the inpatient and outpatient sector. Under this model, medneo has transformed a traditional hardware business into a service business. The company, which was established in 2011 by its three founders André Glardon, Dr Matthias Issing and Nicolas Weber, offers diagnostics on demand; the medneo operations product for physicians, practices, medical centres and hospitals and the medneo franchise product for entrepreneurs and investors.  We supply clinical images instead of devices – a revolutionary idea, which today has become the key to medneo’s success. 

medneo has optimised the entire diagnostic value-creation chain for its two radiology operator solutions – medneo operations and medneo franchise. All efficiency potentials in the areas of technology, processes, organisation and architecture have been implemented by the medneo concept and are further optimised on an ongoing basis.  Get to know the people behind the medneo concept and read the latest news reports on medneo.

Our products

medneo operations

Buy clinical images instead of equipment
For physicians and hospitals

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medneo franchise

Open your own diagnostic center
For entrepreneurs and investors

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Radiological operator solutions from medneo

Diagnostic-on-demand: medneo operations for physicians and hospitals, medneo franchise for entrepreneurs and investors. In the video you learn more about the medneo operator concepts and get a first impression of the diagnostic platforms.

Our expansion

medneo is a rapidly growing company. Here you can see our current locations as well as those in planning and under construction. Your city is not in focus yet? Contact us!

medneo MRI Diagnostic Centre locations in europe

Latest news

medneo is always moving forward, which is why we always have something new to report. You can find more news here.