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The diagnostic centres represent the heart of our company. It is here that the core medneo services are performed – namely the creation of clinical images. Whether as part of the reception team, as a radioographer for the examinations or as a regional manager with operational responsibility for several sites in the region – the diagnostic centres offer an exciting and varied working environment. 

The focus here is on direct contact with our customers (physicians and hospitals) as well as patients (customers of our customers), making the work diverse and communicative. To guarantee high quality for our customers across all sites, medneo has in place structured and standardised processes, state-of-the-art, high-end medical equipment and our own in-house IT environment.

If the creation of clinical images is the heart of our business, our Customer Service Centre represents the nerve centre of our company. The additional services for our customers are controlled centrally through the Customer Service Centre for all medneo sites – from coordination of patient appointments through to the invoicing processes and dispatching of medical reports. The employees at our Customer Service Centre are the interface and point of contact for our customers and their patients as well as their referrers. 

It is important to us to foster the personal strengths of our employees, which is why medneo offers its employees in all areas, specialist and interdisciplinary further development opportunities, e.g. through the assumption of greater areas of responsibility or the possibility of participating in job rotations across different sites. 


Employee statements

“Those who want to get ahead can take on responsibility for challenging tasks and special examinations. We are a supportive, young team. We are free to contribute our wishes and ideas and test out new work methods to provide our customers with continuously improved image quality.”

Anja, medical assistant with scanning experience

“At medneo, we can work with the very latest diagnostic imaging equipment on the market.”

Maria, radiographer

“Because we have so many different customers at medneo, we also get requests for very complex MRI examinations such as cardiac, breast, prostate and the temporomandibular joint. “I enjoy this and it helps to advance my career.”

Juliane, radiographer

As radiographer

Whether as a junior, experienced or head radiographer, our radiographers are responsible for the creation of high-quality images on high-end devices (MRI, CT, X-ray, fluoroscopy). As an experienced radiographer or a medical assistant with scanning experience, medneo employees work with efficient workflows in our high-tech diagnostic platforms and, as a team, ensure a high degree of patient and customer satisfaction.


Employee statements

“For me medneo is an enrichment for my personal further development.”

Estelle, hospitality clerk 

“Exciting and never boring”

Birgit, business management assistant

“Working with people is fun.”

Christine, hospitality clerk

As receptionist

As the first point of contact in the diagnostic centre for patients, customers and business partners, the reception staff are responsible for supporting the organisation of the practice and the individual medneo diagnostic centre. You accompany the patients through the examination process in a friendly, reliable and committed manner. Along the way the focus is on providing high service and process quality as well as high patient and customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Centre

Employee statements

“No day is the same, there are always new challenges. You help to develop an area and have an influence on the future of the company.”

Jacqueline, business management clerk

“We have a good introduction phase and allow a lot of time for new colleagues – ideal for people entering the field from a non-medial area.”

Tobias, hospitality clerk

“We work as a team and stick together. Everyone is very supportive of one another, a bit like a family. You can further develop and take on new tasks, if you want to”

Claudia, hospitality clerk

As an employee in the Customer Service Centre

The staff members of our Customer Service Centre work across all centres and ensure a smooth scheduling process for the patients of our customers. Furthermore, the team also handles tasks such as data control, dispatch of medical reports and invoice preparation. Active personal contributions are explicitly desired and encouraged.

Our application process

Would you like to contribute to further development and change? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

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6 good reasons to become part of the medneo team

Planning security

Our work roster for radiographers and receptionists is implemented in a shift system several weeks in advance.

State-of-the-art technology

We work with state-of-the-art medical equipment and IT technology.

Long-term nature

We plan for the long-term. That’s why permanent job contracts are a matter of course for us.

Team spirit

At medneo, we do not just consider ourselves to be colleagues, we practice a special team spirit.


Payment at medneo is based on performance and qualifications.


We support our employees in their personal and professional further development.