Your medneo diagnostics centre in Berlin-Schoeneberg

The medneo diagnostic centre is located at the Hygiea Clinic in Berlin's Schöneberg district. The Hygiea Clinic is a general hospital with various inpatient and outpatient services used by 4,500 patients annually. Medneo offers CT and X-ray examinations – for patients of all health funds, private patients and direct payers. The centre is centrally located in the immediate vicinity of the medneo diagnostic centre in Charlottenburg. MRI examinations can be carried out there on a 3 Tesla device. Please arrange a short-term appointment for your CT or X-ray examination. At medneo, we carry out diagnostics with the help of the most modern devices. This allows your examining physician to use the best images as a basis for the diagnosis. You can expect a pleasant environment and friendly, service-oriented staff at all medneo diagnostic centres to make your stay and examination as comfortable as possible.

Another important note: medneo is not a radiology practice – it is a service provider for doctors, medical centres and hospitals (medical service providers). The treatment contract is exclusively between you and the medical service provider with whom you made an appointment for your exam. On behalf of your doctor, medneo takes care of all the administrative, procedural and technical aspects, allowing your examining physician to fully concentrate on you and your medical issues. This is a new concept that is already a reality in numerous cities and now also available to you in Berlin-Schöneberg.

Medneo and its cooperating partners look forward to your visit!

Feel good!

Please bring to the exam:

  • Health insurance card and letter of referral
  • previous findings
  • previous images
  • surgery reports
  • laboratory values (TSH) if your CT requires the use of a contrast agen



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