Your medneo MRI centre in Berlin Charlottenburg

In Charlottenburg, medneo uses, inter alia, a 3-tesla MRI. Not only is the high-end device one of the best MRI devices on the market, but it also provides particularly high-resolution images in a very short screening time. After expanding the center’s facilities, medneo now operates a second MRI scanner in the Marburger Straße. Thanks to the parallel use of both MRI scanners, medneo offers even more short-term appointments. Located centrally between the Wittenbergplatz U-Bahn station and the Zoologischer Garten S-Bahn station, you will find it especially convenient to reach. Depending on the station, our center is no more than five to ten minutes walk from public transport links. For those arriving by car, the APCOA car park on Augsburger Straße, among others, can be used for a fee and is less than a two-minute walk from the diagnostic center. The modern medneo diagnostic center in Charlottenburg provides our partners and their patients with a number of benefits. State-of-the-art equipment and IT facilities, innovative processes and a strong focus on service ensure that the service provided is of a uniquely high quality.

Only the best for you, the patient: At medneo, patients benefit from quick appointment allocation and exceptionally long opening hours. The magnetic resonance scanners we use have short magnets, particularly wide openings (70 cm) and beds with a high load-bearing capacity (up to 200 kg), which ensure an especially high level of comfort for the patient. For claustrophobic and overweight patients in particular, this means a huge reduction in (mental) strain during the screening. However, this does not impair image quality in the slightest. The high technical standards of our nuclear magnetic resonance scanner ensure the best quality in imaging diagnostics – always with the patients in mind.

We would like to point out: medneo is not a radiology practice – it is a service provider for doctors, medical centers and hospitals (medical service providers). The treatment contract is exclusively between you and the medical service provider with whom you made an appointment for your exam. On behalf of your doctor, medneo takes care of all the administrative, procedural and technical aspects during your MRI exam, allowing your examining physician to fully concentrate on you and your medical issues.

Feel good!

Please bring to the MRI exam:

  • Health insurance card and letter of referral
  • previous findings
  • previous images
  • surgery reports
  • implant certificates
  • laboratory values (creatinine) if your MRI requires the use of a contrast agent

Please also bring the following to a child’s MRI exam:

  • The child’s favourite cuddly toy
  • blanket
  • CD and drink

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