A second opinion whenever you want it

Patients should feel confident in the diagnosis and treatment their doctor recommends. However, there are special situations, e.g. before major elective surgery, where particularly grave diagnoses or unclear findings mean it is worth getting a second opinion - because two radiologists are potentially better than one. A second opinion can help in gaining clarity and making a better decision for the patient on this basis. In this respect, getting a second opinion primarily helps you as a patient to make a decision by giving you greater certainty or more information on the initial findings. As a patient, you should always carefully check whether there is real necessity.

What is a second opinion? 

A medical second opinion involves a second doctor evaluating the initial medical findings. In radiology this is done using available images. This additional report is a self-pay service and is only reimbursed by health insurance in exceptional circumstances. We will be glad to give you a quote in one of our medneo diagnostics centres. 

The procedure


You are already a patient at a medneo centre
If you are already a patient at one of medneo’s cooperating partner practices and want another doctor from the medneo network to take a look at your results, you can request this at any time in one of the medneo diagnostics centres. You can also ask for the radiologist of your choice.


You are not yet a patient at a medneo centre
If your images were not taken at a medneo centre but you would still like a second opinion, please contact the medneo diagnostic centre of your choice. In this case, please send us the images together with copies of the doctor’s letter and medical records, or bring them with you to the centre. If you wish, you can also decide which radiologist you want to provide the second opinion.