Check-ups and special diagnostic services in Berlin-Mitte

Your health is your most valuable asset. To stay in good health for as long as possible, you need to detect illness as early as possible. That is why we have developed special check-ups for you in collaboration with our partner practices. On this page you will find an overview of which exams our partner practices offer for your healthcare at medneo Berlin.

Health is always unique. So diagnosing children must be done with particular care. That is why there are special children’s MRI exams at medneo Berlin. There are also highly specialised exams for certain areas of the body - for example, a heart MRI, also known as a cardiac MRI. If you have been given difficult or complex findings, or simply want peace of mind, you can get a second opinion at the Berlin diagnostics centre.

The cost of these screenings and special radiological services are generally not covered by health insurance. These are self-pay services. We will gladly let you know the prices on request.

Overview of additional radiological services offered by our partner practices

From screenings (check-ups) through to specialised types of exams and second opinions: here you can see all the additional services on offer at our Berlin site at a glance. If a service is greyed out this means it is not currently available at the selected medneo centre. Partner practices at other medneo locations will offer this exam. Please contact us if you have any questions - we are glad to help.