Diagnostic imaging – without any investments:
buy clinical images instead of equipment.

medneo builds and operates diagnostic imaging platforms for physicians and hospitals – in existing buildings or in modular – own pre-fabricated - buildings. Instead of buying equipment, as is currently the case, buy clinical images with medneo – complete flexible thanks to the "Pay-per-Use" system whenever you need imaging. medneo allows you access to the very latest technology for image acquisition, diagnosis and networked communication at all times. The equipment in all medneo diagnostic platforms is state-of-the-art in all respects – hardware, software and design. We welcome and care for your patients with our own receptionists and radiographers and carry out your image acquisition task. As the physician, you keep your independence and hospitals retain their radiology skills in-house.

medneo is already available in numerous cities – we would be pleased to also come to yours. Interested? Please get in contact with us using our Contact form!

Target specific offers

for physicians

Whether you wish to establish a practice/clinic or expand one, withdraw from an existing cooperation for the usage of equipment, decommission an old device or use one for special examinations – medneo will create an individual and flexible offer for you.
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for hospitals

Whether you want to resolve an investment backlog, achieve costs savings in the area of diagnostic imaging, or recover the ability to manage the reimbursement by your radiology department– medneo will create an individual and flexible offer for you.
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for research and development

Whether for carrying out clinical studies, software and hardware tests, industrial studies or for training medical-technical personnel – medneo will create an individual offer for you.
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Frequently asked questions

Please click on one of the following questions and you will receive an answer immediately. Can’t find the right question? Please send us an email.

As a physician or hospital, will I lose my own trade name with medneo?

No – on the contrary. medneo positions itself as a neutral diagnostic platform for everyone who requires imaging. medneo strengthens your own trade name – starting with your own telephone number, calls to which will be answered by medneo staff as the service provider for your practice/department, through to your own nameplate on the door, and all communication measures entering the market in your name and with your personal business cards. Moreover, there is also the option for hospitals to co-brand to ensure their trade name is clearly visible at the reception. medneo is not a healthcare provider, but rather your service provider!

As a physician or hospital radiologist, will I lose my independence?

No – on the contrary: you will increase your independence and flexibility and will be able to focus completely on your core competence – medicine. At all times during your examinations you retain the authority to give directives to the personnel and you specify the image acquisition task for us, which we, as service provider, conduct for you. Moreover, you can intervene at any time during the image acquisition process. As the head radiologist of a hospital, you will continue to manage your medical team and receive the ordered images from us, sent to the desired location at the desired time.

Is medneo a competitor for me as a physician or a medical care centre?

medneo is not a medical provider and therefore cannot invoice patients, health insurance companies, or other cost bearers for examinations. medneo is your service provider and serves customers – on a neutral diagnostic platform – who do not have equipment of their own but who use medneo for special examinations as well as large radiology medical centres who wish to concentrate on the medical side of diagnostics and take advantage of the image acquisition services from medneo. We are there for all those who wish to take advantage of flexible imaging.

Can medneo help me/us to generate more business?

Yes, indeed it can. With medneo, you not only earn money with your own patients: medneo also offers you a range of opportunities to generate additional income. From participation in extra-budgetary contracts, which medneo concludes with health insurance companies, to participation in the teleradiology network especially for foreign markets and the marketing and sales support that medneo carries out on the market on your behalf.

With its new approach, does medneo make compromises in quality?

Under no circumstances does process optimisation mean a reduction in quality. On the contrary: with a process orientation that is traceable at any time, medneo is able to ensure consistently high quality for you. This applies to the process quality, the service quality as well as the image quality.

Who takes on the task of invoicing?

The subject of invoicing will not change for you at all – whether you are an outpatient physician or representing a hospital. medneo offers you the health reimbursement coding to ensure that you are able to invoice the patients through their health insurance associations or other cost bearers.

Does medneo also purchase existing radiology practices?

No. medneo is not a medical provider and is therefore not interested in taking over radiology practices. However, medneo does work together with numerous customers and partners who are interested in taking over radiology practices of every size. Please get in contact with us about this.

What will medneo operations cost me?

The pay-per-use fee is based on a number of factors, including the length of cooperation, number of patients, the desired time for the examination and a range of other things. Based on your individual requirements we will work together with you to create a tailor-made offer.

In which countries is medneo operations offered?

medneo operations is currently only offered in Germany and Switzerland. We offer medneo franchise for other foreign markets – the franchise solution of our radiological operator concept.

What are the next steps if I am interested in medneo operations?

Get in contact with us! We require a range of information and data from you and will then promptly deliver a tailor-made offer to you – to use in an existing centre or in a new centre in your city.