Your radiology operator solution – Made in Germany

Put your trust in a tried-and-tested radiology concept instead of struggling with technical, procedural and staffing problems: medneo franchise simplifies the set-up, management and operation of diagnostic centres – worldwide. Why a radiology franchise?

Those who want to enter the profitable diagnostics market do not need to be a medical professional. Those with infrastructure problems and a lack of medical-technical as well as radiology staff in their countries do not need to do without diagnostics. medneo offers investors, insurance companies, governments, NGOs and other institutional organisations its innovative radiology operator solution as a franchise concept. The turnkey operation solution includes a complete concept comprising the “medneo” brand, infrastructure, medical technology, IT technology and the efficient management and operation of the centres with the aid of a global expert network. The franchisee pays an annual fee and a fee for each patient examined. A revolutionary concept, which helps in making high-end diagnostics available all over the world.

medneo is already planned to be available in numerous countries – we would be pleased to also come to yours. Interested? Please get in contact with us using our Contact form!

Target specific offers

for investors and other institutional organisations

Whether you are looking for a profitable investment, a highly scalable business model innovation in the healthcare sector (without the necessity of being a healthcare professional yourself), an expansion of your range of services in the outpatient or inpatient sector through high-end imaging, or a complement to your existing investment portfolio – medneo offers you an individual and flexible franchise package.
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for insurance companies

Whether you are looking for opportunities for forwards integration into your value-creation chain, opportunities to differentiate from your competitors or a profitable investment – medneo can offer you a tailor-made franchise concept.
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for governments and NGOs

Whether you are looking for an improvement in the quality of diagnostic care for the broader population, an increase in patient numbers with stable expenditure, or to bridge infrastructure problems and a lack of medical-technical and radiology staff in your country or crisis regions – medneo can offer you a tailor-made franchise concept.
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Frequently asked questions

Please click on one of the following questions and you will receive an answer immediately. Can’t find the right question? Please send us an email.

What type of franchisee is medneo looking for and which prerequisites must they be able to fulfil?

First things first: we are looking for entrepreneurs who are in a position to not only selectively open a medneo diagnostic platform, but rather who have the interest and financial means to open several centres in a region. The franchisee does not need any expertise in diagnostic imaging – medneo delivers that. However, ideally franchisees should have access to patients – whether this is through cooperation opportunities and local networks, through contractual commitments (e.g. insured persons) or through cross-selling from their own institutions (e.g. hospitals).

Can the diagnostic platforms be individually configured?

Yes, of course. medneo has developed a modular system from which you are free to compose your own individual configuration. We would be pleased to provide you with advice in this regard and apply our expertise in specifying the configuration that is right for your country/region.

In which countries is medneo franchise offered?

medneo franchise is currently only offered outside Germany. Due to the fact that in some countries we have exclusive franchise partners for the entire country, please asks us whether your desired region is still free for you.

What does medneo franchise cost?

The costs of medneo franchise are split between an annual fee as well as a fee for each examination. The amount of the fee is based on the country and the equipment installed in your medneo diagnostic platform and will be disclosed within the scope of business and financial planning steps. 

What are the next steps if I am interested in a medneo franchise for my country?

Get in contact with us! You will receive detailed information on the medneo franchise concept as well as the expected financial key features on investment sums, ongoing franchise fees as well as the return on investment (ROI). If you are then interested in more information, we would be happy to carry out a feasibility study and compile a detailed business and finance plan, subject to a charge.